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About SWI: Environmental Initiatives

SWI understands both the need and benefit of being good environmental stewards in an industry dependant on our natural resources. We continuously evaluate our production methods and procedures to maximize material usage while, at the same time, minimizing our by-products (ie. sawdust, wood scraps, etc.) waste stream. We also promote recycling as many of our "waste products" as possible in both our production & office facilities to minimize municipal refuse.

Presently, our sawdust and shavings are used by local agricultural operations avoiding unnecessary landfilling. We are evaluating both a bio-fuel heating system and a bricket press to potentially convert sawdust, shavings and all wood by-products into a source of "green" heat or a "green" heating material. Our ultimate goal is to eliminate and recycle as much of our by-products as possible into another beneficial bio-fuel product.

SWI is currently working towards a "Green Certification" - Environmental Stewardship Program (ESP) certification- through the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association (KCMA) which is a leading organization for companies who manufacture kitchen, bath and other residential cabinets. We carry our good steward principles over to our decisions regarding product and supplier selections. It is important that our suppliers are mindful of the sound management of our natural resources and the impacts on our industry. The commitments to sound environmental practices of our hardwood, veneer and finish suppliers can be viewed using the following links: