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Finishes: DIAMOND Series

Stain and Coating Finishes

Our stain and coating finishes are produced by M.L. Campbell, a well-known company in the cabinetry industry that has been producing quality wood finishes for over 90 years.

We hand wipe stain on the cabinet exteriors, the fronts and backs of the doors, and the drawer fronts. The process is completed with a sealer and topcoat of protective conversion varnish that keeps moisture out and provides a durable surface for a long-lasting, easy-to-maintain finish. All interior surfaces are finished with the same sealer and topcoat.

The hand-wiped stains are offered in a variety of colors; stocked stain finishes are available in a variety of colors with an option for custom-mixed stains when color matches are necessary.


Paint Finishes

We offer paint finishes in any available color in the Sherwin Williams or Duron paint wheels. Paint finishes include a surfacer, primer and protective topcoat incorporated into the paint. The interiors of our painted cabinets are clear-coated, rather than painted, for easier maintenance.


Specialty Finishes

Specialty options build upon our base stain and paint finishes to produce unique results. Specialty finishes available include: Paint with glazes, Antique finishes, Vintage finishes and Stains with glazes

Our Specialty finishes feature the following:

Glazed finishes are available in 8 glaze color choices, all uniquely hand applied, over paint as well as stain finishes. Glazes add depth, imitate aging and create decorative patterns in a variety of combinations. Paint colors are available with your choice of all Sherwin Williams and Duron paint wheel colors

Our Antique and Vintage finishes are available in a variety of combinations. Custom designed to fit your tastes and desired end result. All of our Antique and Vintage finishes create a unique, one of a kind, pattern as they are all hand applied and rubbed.

Distressed finishes are also available in our specialty applications.


Seifert Woodcrafts, Inc. offers a wide range of cabinet finishes. Customers in York PA, Harrisburg PA and other Central PA locations can view finish options at our showroom design center. Contact us today.